The Anti-Semitic Ideas Of The Holocaust

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Many people believe the Holocaust was a single man 's beliefs, in the right place, at the right time. Those people, however, would be wrong. The Holocaust wasn 't just a single man 's belief; instead, there were many men throughout the years who contributed to the culmination of the vehement hatred of the Jewish people. By examining various time frames, such as the Middle Ages, more modern times, and even Hitler’s Germany, it is evident that there was a clear buildup of the anti-Semitic attitudes that would be the catalyst to one of the worst events in history: the Holocaust.
Some people believe Hitler had original ideas, such as the Star of David being used to differentiate Jewish people from Christians, and the ghettos; however, that isn’t
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Originally, the attacks and pogroms against the Jewish people were directed against their religious practices; the major modern shift of anti-Semitism occurred when people started to view Jewish as a race- with racial characteristics- that threatened Germany in politics, economics, and cultural priority. The Jewish people were viewed as a race for various reasons. One of these reasons was that in the 1800s, Jewish people lived together in villages called shtetls. They were successful crafters and traders in this area. They bonded by language, culture, and religious practices. This made them a race because they had shared experiences, and shared language. They were also seen as a race because of the physical characteristics attributed to them by anti-Semitism. For example, it was believed that Jewish people smelled bad and were often more likely to get illness or disease. Additionally, they were said to have faulty genetics, making it impossible to get better or cure themselves of these unpleasant characteristics. Genetics is something that can 't be changed, which made it an easier reason to not like Jewish people: they were faulty, with faulty genetics. These genetics also gave Jewish people a reputation of being violent, destructive, and greedy. Many Europeans considered Jewish people trouble makers, prostitutes, and …show more content…
Unfortunately, Eisenmenger would misinterpret things on purpose, as well as misconstrue them to present the image he deemed necessary. This image was the Jewish people were guilty of the things they had been accused of, such as: murdering children, and the Black Death. Despite being disproven many times by various scholars, this book, Entdecktes Judentium, which means Judaism Exposed, would become a key source for anti-Semitism literature. During the time after the loss of World War I, many Germans were having a hard time getting stable jobs due to the inflation and monetary collapse that WWI caused. German Jews, on the other hand, were doing rather well, job-wise. From banking, to lawyers, to even doctors, Jewish people were finding themselves in very good, stable professions. This would cause severe jealousy from the Germans, which would add fuel to the fire of anti-Semitism and attacks of hatred towards Jewish

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