Discrimination Model of Supervision Essay

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Discrimination Model of Supervision
By: Nashetta Rowell
Ethics in Counselor Education and Supervision
June 25, 2011

School counseling is a complex and demanding component of the counseling profession. With an increase of social and emotional stressors, children and youth of today face numerous challenges. These challenges ultimately affect children in school. With an increase of suicides, drug abuse, gang involvement, and violence amongst youth, a high demand for school counseling supervision is needed (Henderson, 1994). Parents and teachers often turn to school counselors for guidance in helping troubled youth. Effective supervision is a benefit for novice as well as experienced
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Although some conceptualization and personalization skills may be observed directly, they are more often interpreted by the supervisor and initially require discourse between counselor and supervisor to become clear (Luke & Bernard, 2006). The supervisor’s roles consist of three areas of focal point. They include that of a teacher, counselor, and consultant. The role of a teacher by the supervisor includes the supervisor providing instruction, modeling, giving feedback, and conducting evaluation to assist the trainee in developing growth (Ladany & Bradley, 2010). The supervisor employing the role of a counselor involves the supervisor asking supervisees to reflect on an activity, on their thoughts, or on their internal reality. When supervisors adopt this role, they are not telling supervisees how to proceed; rather, they are assisting the supervisee to take advantage of a critical moment for reflection (Luke & Bernard, 2006). Lastly the supervisor serves as a consultant. In this role the supervisor and supervisee collaborate and share responsibility for the supervisee’s growth. The supervisor acts as a resource and encourages the supervisee to trust their own thoughts, insights, and feelings in their work (Luke & Bernard, 2006). The extension of the discrimination model to better adapt to the needs of school counseling supervision incorporates four domains: large group guidance;

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