Discrimination, Labelling, Stigma, And The Impact On Health And Social Care

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This assignment will discuss discrimination, labelling, stigma, and the impact they have on health and social care. Definitions of discrimination, labelling and stigma will be explored. Given the extent of problems faced by people with mental health problems, this essay is therefore going to discuss how discrimination, labelling and stigma impact in health and social care. The assignment is also going to pay special attention to issues of inter-relationships between social position and health, and an understanding of discrimination experienced by people with mental health problems .In conclusion, a summarization of the main points will be given.

Scott and Marshall, (2009) define mental illness as an 'illnesses characterised by the presence of mental pathology... disturbances of mental functioning, analogous to disturbances of bodily functioning ' Hence mental illness is viewed as a form of abnormality because the behaviour is not what the society considers to be normal, this leads to individuals being perceived as abnormal. According to Scott and Marshall (2009), culture has some influence in the way in what people believe and suggest that, whilst some culture may consider mental illness as abnormal behaviour, other cultures may view the same behaviour as normal. According to Becker (1963) applying the ideas of normal and abnormal behaviours turn individuals to be labelled as outsiders. Lemert (1967) noted that once a type of behaviour is labelled as…

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