Essay about Discrimination Is Not Justifiable?

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Research Paper
Do you know what times discrimination happened throughout the world? During the 1800-1900’s, discrimination was a major problem in our history. Many people were affected by this. These people had to deal with mental, emotional, and legal troubles. There are many different types of discriminating, such as racial, religious, sex, age, etc. All of these types of segregation will have negative impacts that will hurt the victims. Some people may think that discrimination is justifiable if there is a legitimate aim or proportionate means. But, on the other hand some people may think there is never a valid reason to discriminate, no matter what the reason or aim is. Discrimination is not justifiable because the positive effects do not outweigh the negatives.
There are many different laws that negatively affected discrimination. One example of these laws is called the Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow laws only had many negatives toward the aspect of discrimination. According to WGBH news station, they stated, “they affected almost every aspect of daily life, mandating segregation of schools, parks, libraries, fountains, restrooms, and buses¨. The Jim crow laws affected daily life in negative ways. It made it much more difficult to get around and you could not collaborate with the opposite race. The jim crow laws separated the races to the point that people were not being treated fairly. In theory blacks received “separate but equal” treatment under the law, but in reality,…

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