Discrimination Is An Unjust Treatment Essay

1639 Words Dec 9th, 2016 7 Pages
Imagine having an uneasy feeling every time you drive your car in fear of anticipating a wrongful encounter with the police.; Imagine being afraid of someone that is supposed to protect you.; Imagine being victimized due to the color of your skin. According to Pew Research Center “Seven in ten blacks said that blacks in their community were treated less fairly than whites in dealing with the police.” Discrimination is an unjust treatment of different types of people or things, the most common being race, age, and gender. As a young African American male living in a deprived area, I live everyday in fear as I have less of a chance to live simply because of the color of my skin. At least this issue is recognized for young black males, because it goes unnoticed when taking young black females into consideration. It is extremely saddening that in this day and age, this is even an issue. I feel as a society, we have overcome so much that this divide should not even be something that needs discussed. To even think that in 2016 people are still having issues with gender, race, and inequality- rights that we have overcome years and years ago, brings me great despair. No one should have to think twice when wondering whether or not they should call a police for help or fear for their life when being pulled over for no reason. It hurts me even more when pondering on all the wrongful deaths that have happened in the upcoming years that has slowly been separating us as a society and…

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