Essay on Discrimination Is A Good Ever Comes From It?

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Judgement itself isn’t a bad thing because it helps us choose between right or wrong; good or evil; fair or unjust, but there is a branch of judgment that we could do without, discrimination. Discrimination is a poison killing whatever it touches; giving us false power over those around us. We all deal with discrimination, whether we are on the receiving end, or the cause. Nothing good ever comes from it, so why do we continue to be participants?
A product of discrimination is the gender double standard not only between genders but also within genders. Before we can ever address the gender double standards between genders, we have to address the double standards within the genders. If a woman was to sleep around a lot, nine times out of ten other women would be calling her terrible names rather than men. We each face different stigmas that we are “supposed” to live up to, but when we don’t or when we drift from the norm we are looked down upon. An example of this is women have a certain unspoken grooming standard causing women who go above or below this standard to shamed by their sex. Men are viewed as strong individuals who are supposed to be unaffected by emotional circumstances, but if they show emotion they are told to “man up”. Once we address these types of discrimination, then we can tackle the bigger picture of gender double standards between the sexes.
Not one gender suffers more from the double standards than the other. Women are supposed to be…

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