White Talk And Discrimination

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Ever since the beginning, certain people feel like they are more deserving / have more power over others. In particular, white people have been seen as most guilty for this. Although African Americans have come a long way from being slaves, they still face discrimination every day. White people often believe that they are not being racist when in fact they are. It is the ways that white people are unaware of being racist and the use “white talk” and micro aggressions as well as being “colorblind” that leads to racism.

The concept of white talk can sometimes be difficult to understand. White talk covers white people from examining / acknowledging their individual and collective roles in the growth of racism. It is when white people do not
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Some people think that it is not racist if you do not act on your racist thoughts. It is acceptable to think it, but not do anything about it. For example, in Illinois, Blacks and Hispanics are twice as likely to be searched after a traffic stop than white drivers, but white drivers were twice as likely to be importing illegal items. (Washington Post) The police focused so much on the black and Hispanic drivers even though there were lots of white people that they could have been watching as well. The police didn’t say anything racist, or punish these people because of their skin color but he was still being racist because he was racial profiling them. Now if I were using white talk I would say “if you look at the statistics, black people and Hispanics steal and import more so the police had a right to watch over them cautiously.” But in reality he was being racist. The color of their skin was the only reason they were watched so …show more content…
Anyone who disagrees should briefly look at the wage gap chart in America. In 2013, the white man was earning 100% and the black man was earning 78% for the same job title. (Info Please) Lets say a black person is being paid less but they are both under the exact same job title. The black person is caught in a lose- lose situation. The person could confront their boss about the situation and possibly get in a lot of trouble for blaming the boss for being racist or keep quiet and continue to get paid an unfair amount. If I were to use white talk I would say, “it has nothing to do with his race, he is not as good at the job as the other white guy is.” This is why people of color become oppressed, they know that no matter what they say or what they do, nothing will change and that there is a risk the situation could get worse for

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