Discrimination In Today's Society

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Ever since time has begun there has been some type of discrimination. From slaves in America to Jews in concentration camps, discrimination has left its mark on history. No matter how far along time goes, there will always be discrimination. For example, Americans discriminate on Muslims due to the terrorist attacks committed by this religion. The United States isn’t the only country that has discriminated. It is in all of the countries all over the entire world. Discrimination is relentless, ruthless, and prominent, and it will more than likely never end in all honesty. Discrimination will last for eternity due to the many forms and awful nature.

Color Blind

An overwhelming number of kids don’t believe racism is going anymore. In
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These problems that are occurring due to discrimination are issues that should have been left in the past. There is no reason to continue these feelings of hatred. It doesn’t enable any race, gender, religion to be any more important than the next. In all honesty, every single person on this earth was created for a purpose that only they can do, and it isn’t fair to those people who are discriminated against because their purpose is just as important as anyone else 's purpose. That’s why there is no supreme race or gender We were all created equal according to the government, yet there isn’t equality in today’s world. It is corrupt and awful due to these feelings of anger and resentment.

I’m not sure exactly what could be done to end discrimination because as long as there is a diversity of people, there will be discrimination. The only way I could see to end it would be to kill everyone except those who share one certain race, gender, religion, body type, age, and sexual orientation. It’s awful to say, but with the way the world is going, it may be the only thing that would end it. It’ll be in a part of society for as long as humans exist

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