Theme Of Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Famously said by Josephine baker. Discrimination throughout America’s past plays a big role in American society and culture today. For example, in To Kill a Mockingbird the color of a man’s skin decides whether he is innocent or guilty, and in The Help white people decide what kind of lives African Americans are allowed to live. In both stories the fate of black lives is in the hands of the white folk’s. Also, similarly in both stories the white folks always discriminate against blacks. In To Kill a Mockingbird a young girl named Scout grows up in a small town in the south. Her father is an attorney, and his biggest case is different from one he has ever had. For the first time ever he must defend a black man in court. Scout has to endure …show more content…
She attempts to do this by writing a book of stories of discrimination from the black help’s point of view. For example, while Skeeter and three of her friends were at Bridge, one of her closest friends, Hilly, announces that she has drafted a bill to make every white residence have a separate bathroom outside for the maids so that there will not be sharing of bathrooms between races. Skeeter echos to this announcement with, (Taylor). By Skeeter’s response to Hilly’s remark it is evident that Skeeter believes in equality among the races, including that blacks and whites deserve to be treated in the same manner. After being informed of Hilly’s idea, Skeeter takes a very proactive approach to how to show that these discriminatory plans and practices are wrong by writing a book to display these comments and ideas from the perspective of those affected. Next, Skeeter has her first date at her family and friends persuasion. The date, however, does not go very swell because Stewart, Skeeter’s date, insults her. He insults her in two ways. The first way he insults her is by making fun of her because of the fact that she writes the cleaning column in the newspaper. Shortly after he follows up with his second insulting comment about the fact that Skeeter went to college. When Skeeter tells him she went to college he thinks she only went to get her “MRS.” degree like the common population of women. His comments dumbfound Skeeter and she aggravatedly interjects with a less than courteous comment of her own, (Taylor). From Skeeter being personally put through this instance of gender discrimination, the audience gets to see a first hand reaction of how Skeeter feels that men and woman should be held at the same standard. Also, it is clear that Skeeter believes that women should have the

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