White Police Cases

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There have always been questions concerning white police officers dealing with colored suspects. Lately, this has been at the forefront of everyone 's mind with all of the tragedies that have occurred. Some people see the officer’s actions as necessary, but others see them as excessive. The question is, would the same use of force have been used, in the same situation if he/she was white.
In New York, 80% of all police stops were black and Latinos. 85% of them were frisked. Of the whites who were stopped, only 8% were frisked. In California, colored people are three times more likely to be pulled over by the police than a white person. African Americans are arrested for drug offenses at a rate of 2:11 times higher than whites for the same
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Louis Missouri. On August 19, 2014, he was accused of stealing energy drinks and pastries. The officers shot him and killed him 15 seconds after arriving at the scene. The police claimed that Kajieme approached them with a knife, but a surveillance video showed he never came as close as they said and he had no weapon in his hand.
Dante Parker was a 36 year old African American who was accused of attempted burglary. The suspect was a black man who escaped on a bike that fit Parker’s description. He was stunned with a Taser gun by San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies between 25-27 times. He was then denied any medical help. He was complaining of trouble breathing. Calls for medical help for Parker were delayed and they did not arrive on scene for twenty to twenty-five minutes after Parker was stunned. Parker was riding his bike trying to improve his health, and he ended up
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Brown was a suspect in a convenience store theft. Michael Brown was walking in the middle of the street with his friend Dorian Johnson. Wilson said that Brown fit the description of the thief. Officer Wilson backed the cruiser up to block the two men. Brown and Wilson were struggling through the window until Wilson’s gun was fired. Brown and Johnson ran away from the officer. Wilson ran after Brown. Wilson then fired 12 bullets towards him. There were at least six bullets that hit Brown. Officer Darren Wilson is not being charged with anything and it was said he shot in self-defense. His parents made a statement saying, “We received disappointing news from the Department of Justice that the killer of our son wouldn’t be held accountable for his actions. While we are saddened by this decision, we are encouraged that the DOJ will hold the Ferguson Police Department accountable for the pattern of racial bias and profiling they found in their handling of interactions with people of color.”
Not all police officers are bad people. Some of them just abuse the power that they are given. They swear to serve and protect others. Some do that, but some only protect the ones they feel are worthy of protection. We need to find a way to eliminate the small amount of officers taking advantage of authority they were given to use it for their own

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