The Fairness Of Affirmative Action In Schools

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Many colleges have recently implemented policies to favor people who suffer from discrimination. This is referred to as affirmative action. The students who qualify for this program are minorities who are acknowledged to be economically and educationally disadvantaged. Disadvantaged students are those who come from socio-economic backgrounds that prevents them from competing against their peers who have been given more opportunities to succeed. Under this program, chosen minority students do not have to reach regular admission standards such as a G.P.A of at least 2.5. Despite the opportunity affirmative action provides some people believe it is unfair, They claim that it 's unfair for minority students to become accepted through this policy since they have to meet the same standards as regular admissions. However, affirmative action should continue to be implemented at schools since it creates opportunities for higher education.
Affirmative action
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Therefore it would not be fair for a group of students to have a different admissions process other than the standard. However affirmative action does not go against the 14th amendment, it upholds it. Affirmative Action is the way to enforce equality. The 14th amendment illustrates that there shouldn 't be a limit to the privileges and rights of the citizens. For centuries and even today there are limits depending on your socioeconomic status and ethnic background. Implementing Affirmative action will help minorities gain a good education aiding them in becoming equal competitors with their peers and reaching the same level of success as anyone else. Ending affirmative action would end the dreams of equality thus ending the American dream for freedom, how can someone be truly free if they are subject to enforced

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