Police And Citizens In The Criminal Justice System

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Over a long period of time the police and citizens have many issues with each other that prevent the two from cooperating with one another. Within this two weeks, the number of crimes that are presented on T.V. are mainly about property crime compare to violent crimes. The offender in most of these cases are African American and Hispanic and that the victim are either Hispanic or white people.
The reasons why the citizens hate or in other word dislike the police a lot is because the police are very discriminate and racist against them. The reason so is because of their ethnicity and races. They (the minorities citizens) also get mistreated in the criminal justice system whenever they get arrested for a crime that they either committed or
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Since both of their views are different, it causes the citizens to dislike the police even more. For example, the police seem to have a more positive view on the criminal justice system compare to the citizens. The citizens feel that the system is corrupt and work against them. In other word, the police and citizens have different ethics and moral that they believed in and follow by. According to a social belief minorities citizens are more likely to engage in a crime or live in a community where criminal behavior is tolerated nor accepted. This cause the people in the criminal justice system like the police to believe that minorities citizens should be treated more harshly so that they can learn their lesson. In fact, sentences for minorities citizen are often harsher due to the fact of the social …show more content…
Plus, America had try all sort of ways to close in the gap but it didn 't work. The reason so was because the police and citizen had held grudges against each other; therefore, no matter what the America do it never

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