Discrimination, Hatred, And Injustice Essay

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Hatred, bigotry, inequality, and injustice are all words that can describe discrimination, a conflict that has been plaguing the world for as long as we can remember. It seems that no matter where a traveler goes, discrimination follows in suit. Its an inescapable force that pursues the individual without relent or mercy. It effects society, families, and the individual in such a negative way, and creates catastrophic consequences that can burden victims for years, even decades. Discrimination starts with acts of prejudice, which then through time develops into discrimination, but it doesn’t always end with discrimination, if hatred is left to sit and fester, discrimination can turn into acts of violence, which consequently can turn into genocide.

Acts of Prejudice:
“White man can’t jump, black man can’t swim.”, “Wow, he’s greedy, must be a Jew.”, or “She only received a better grade on the test than I did because she’s Asian.” These are all phrases, or stereotypes a person will encounter in their lifetime. Throughout recorded history, people have created stereotypes, jokes that belittle a specific ethnicity or group, and have used scapegoats to justify their own indiscretions and blunders. Acts of prejudice could include the exclusion of a specific “type” of person, ridicule, or social avoidance. Schools, in particular, where bullying is not an uncommon sight in the hallways when no one is looking. Those who identify themselves with the LGBTQA community are at an…

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