Discrimination For Women In Sports

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Whether one is flipping through the latest issue of Sports Illustrated or simply tuned into the daily news of TSN, it is dominantly geared towards male viewers and subsequently male athletes but rarely does one see the female counterparts. It is easy to see that male athletes hold the focus in sports despite the fact of the steady rise in female participation in sports and continual push towards gender equality. How is society expected to grow if there is still ongoing discrimination for female athletes? There is no justification for why women are oppressed due to biological makeup. Discrimination based on gender is the most unjustified and immoral kind. These mothers, daughters, and sisters have the right to be treated just as equally as any …show more content…
Haley Wickenheiser, Serena Williams and Danica Patrick, to name a few, are some of the highest paid sportswomen in the world. However, it is very surprising that many people do not know their names much less sport and outstanding achievements. It is no surprise that if one was to ask every 1 out of 10 people to name the starting goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs it is likely they will know the exact answer. It is the mentality towards woman’s sports that is the root of the problem. Many people still believe that it is a male dominated society and reject the whole thing all together. Phrases like “you hit like a girl” have plagued the view of women in sport for years. Not to mention the ideology that if a woman plays sports outside of “feminine” ones, they will become masculine and undesirable. These individuals are the first to forget many of the accomplishments women have contributed to their countries achievements in sporting events and the Olympics. It is the woman’s Canadian ice hockey team that has won 4 gold and 1 silver medals since their first appearance in the Nagano, Japan Olympics of 1998. It is time to shed light on the subject of women’s sports dating back to the history, the most current developments and finally the inequality that women must endure to gain any recognition due to their …show more content…
“Women 's bodies were also sexualised in photographic and written coverage. There were many photographs of sportswomen nude, semi-nude or in revealing clothes, but for men, sports performance took precedence over stories or photographs which highlighted their bodies in a sexual manner.” (Taylor 2013) This very statement suggests that men do not need to be sexualized in order for readers or viewers to be interested in their success. However the success alone of female athletes is not enough according to the media to entice people to read about them. One cannot blame the society for showing lack of interest when there has never been an influence to promote women sports as much as male dominated sports have been. Instead the media itself should carry the blame for allowing this to continue, in such an advanced society there should be no acceptance for sexism or discrimination of any

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