Essay on Discrimination For The President Of The United States

888 Words Oct 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Since his decision to run for the president of the United States, Donald J Trump relationship with women have been under scrutiny. Launching his campaign, there has been numerous remarks to and about women that have left some to believe that Trump believes in sexism and discrimination against women. Comments such as,” pregnancy is an inconvenience to business, has work into his campaign to become more about inequality for women to the future of our children. Donald J. Trump has fail to understand during his interview abroad the “Access Hollywood” bus , when he boast ,” about forcing himself on women and grabbing their genital’s , was simply “ locker room banter,” ( Barbaro et Chozick 2016) was not appropriate or should not represent a presidential candidate. Dispute his remorse, Donald Trump do not respect or give women collect. His remarks only solidify years of women battling sexual assault, harassment and any forms of abuse.

Michael Barbers and Amy Chozick reporters for The New York Times article,” Donald Trump Talks at the Debate, but Many Women Hear Only a 2005 Tape,” focus on the implication that Mr. Trump words have on women who believe his attitudes toward women lack respects and his dishonestly about the claim is not important to him because it was said 11 years ago. During his October 8 debate with Senator Clinton, he did not express any remorse nor try to discredit what was said during the interview. His position on stranger grouping women has left…

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