Discrimination, Discrimination And The Language Barrier Essay

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1. Introduction
Many Latinos come to the United States everyday in hopes of starting a better life, but starting over is not an easy task. There are many challenges for Latinos that come with moving to the United States that Latinos born in the United States face as well. Some of the most glaring challenges are discrimination, immigration, and the language barrier. Hispanics are mainly discriminated against by race and wage. Immigration creates many problems for them because of the difficulty to gain citizenship. Each challenge Hispanics face has a deep impact on their lives.

2. Discrimination
Many assume since it is 2015, discrimination is over, but the opposite is true. Discrimination is still prevalent in America, especially toward the Latino community. The Pew Research Center polled Hispanics in the U.S. to see what factors contribute to discrimination. In 2010, 36% said immigration status and in 2007, 46% reported language skills. There are more reports of discrimination on the Pew Research Center that specifically deal with race. In a 2010 survey, 34% of Hispanics say a family member or close friend was discriminated against because of race in the past five years, the organization states. These statistics show Americans are not as tolerant of their Hispanic peers as they pretend to be. It also shows that Latinos do not feel very welcome in the United States which hinders their sense of belonging. Race is not the only type of discrimination that affects Hispanics;…

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