Discrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination Essay

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As much as some people would like to think that discrimination does not exist in the 21st century, discrimination is still alive in many forms. Discrimination is not limited to one part of the United States. I have found two deplorable examples of discrimination on opposite parts of the country, in states throughout the west and Connecticut. Latino farmers in the west and minority children in Connecticut are being faced with instances of institutional, active and passive racism. Latino farmers went to battle in Washington D.C. over blatant discrimination involving loans that were denied, a lack of disaster relief, in addition to other forms of financial aid that was provided to white farmers (Gutierrez, 2009). In all, there were 81 complaints of this nature that affected a possible 20,000 farmers in various states (Gutierrez, 2009). The judge in this case also ruled that all of these complaints and lawsuits need to be heard on an individual basis, which further hurts the farmers, because many of these families cannot afford attorneys’ to represent them (Gutierrez, 2009). Even though African-American farmers filed an identical lawsuit 1997 and their case was granted class-action status, meaning all of their complaints could be filed together, and then received a $1 billion settlement, the Latino Farmers were not afforded that same opportunity (Gutierrez, 2009). This case is the perfect example of institutional racism, meaning that the Latino farmers, being a…

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