Essay on Discrimination : Beyond The Cardboard Sign

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Discrimination: Beyond the Cardboard Sign For 600,000 Americans the road to a healthy, safe life is blocked. This is the number of individuals in the United States without a safe, secure place to call ‘home’ on any given night. The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness has a vision for a country without people living on the streets because “no one should experience homelessness-no one should be without a safe, stable place to call home” (USICH). The USICH cannot eliminate and prevent future homelessness with society’s eyes shut. In the United States discrimination, isolation, and violence toward the homeless create obstacles that prevent integration back into society. Before a full understanding of the obstacles the homeless face can be reached, one needs to look into the background behind this population on the streets. The common stereotype that homeless is being a ‘middle to old aged man with a unhygienic presence and an alcohol addiction holding a cardboard sign on the side of the road’ is outdated. Homelessness goes beyond that cardboard sign; comprised of whole family units, young recently divorced mothers, children and many other groups (Dukes). To understand how such an array of people can end up on the streets, one needs to look into the reasons why each group is there. Modern homelessness stems from many different causes. The most common reason derives from the lowering of minimum wages. The National Coalition for the Homeless ranks this as one of…

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