Discrimination Based On Workplace Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination in the workplace leads to more than just a bad day at the office. It takes a toll on a person’s entire wellbeing; feelings of rejection, low self worth, humiliation, feelings of isolation, anger, fear, loss of motivation, and long term depression. Its imperative employees seek legal help sooner, rather than later. There are time constraints to gather evidence and file a claim that intentional discrimination occurred in the workplace. Throughout this paper we intend to uncover the prohibited forms of discrimination in the workplace, and how to establish a prima facie case showing intentional discrimination occurred.
Supreme Court Redefines Workplace Discrimination On June 24, 2013, the Supreme Court narrowed the rules and definitions for bringing lawsuits based on workplace discrimination. In 5-to-4 rulings, the justices restricted the definition of a supervisor and set limitations on what juries can consider and award in discrimination cases.
The justice defined a supervisor as a person with direct power to hire, fire, and promote employees, and divided workplace-discrimination lawsuits into two categories; 1) “status-based discrimination”, that which protects employees in cases of hiring, firing, promotion and similar circumstances against direct racial, gender, religious, and ethnic discriminations, and 2) “employer retaliation”, which separates lawsuits brought forth by employees who claim to have had their careers damaged on account of…

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