Discrimination Based On Weight, Race, Gender, And Sexual Orientation

1754 Words Dec 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Throughout this semester, there have been many topics discussed. Most of these topics were surprising and for the most part eye openers for many people in this class, like me. We discussed immigration, discrimination in the workplace, discrimination based on weight, race, gender, sexual orientation, tattoos, piercings, the LGBTQ community, sexual harassment, and racism. While having these discussions in class, I learned that in order to live amongst each other we have to be aware that everyone is different. We have to accept eachothers differences and learn from them. Becoming aware is the most important step. The more educated we are about someone or a group of people who are different than us, the less likely we are to be so ignorant. I learned that life is not easy and no matter what race, gender, or sexual preference you are, you will face discrimination at some point in your life. What I took from this class the most is that it is good to be open and voice your opinion and hear each other out. Just because one person feels a certain way, it does not mean that they are wrong and you are right, or vice versa. It means that we have to take into considering the feelings and opinions of others in order to make a fair judgement ourselves.
In the grand scheme of things, I wouldn’t say that this class altered the way that I see discrimination because this has always been something that I felt strongly about. I would say that it opened my eyes to the idea that people are…

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