Discrimination Based On Social Class Essay

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Classism; unfair treatment due to one’s social or economic class. One is treated differently based on their social class; lower, upper, or higher class. The treatment of each class can be unfair, as society gives each class different amounts of respect. The discrimination one feels due to their class can stop their progress in various ways, which all in all prevents them from realizIng their full ability. The lower class is often discriminated as they are looked down at and others feel superior to them. Discrimination based on social class stops one’s individual progress socially, physically, and economically; which prevents them from realizing their full potential as a human.

Discrimination based on social class stops one’s individual progress socially. The discrimination of the lower class affects the well being of one. Being raised in a low class, one is exposed to different situations in life than one in a high class would experience. The differences of lives between the low and high class can greatly affect the progress of one socially. In The Kite Runner, Ali, the boy from a high class, knew “that Hassan [,from a low class,] would grow up illiterate like Ali [, his father,] and most Hazaras had been decided the minute he had been born, perhaps even the moment he had been conceived in Sanaubar 's unwelcoming womb” he wonders “what use [...] a servant [would] have for the written word” (Hosseini 30). Not only the boy raised in the higher class, but society knows this…

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