Discrimination At The Employee Level Essay

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Discrimination in the workplace can come from many different sources including managers, colleagues, clients, and in the policies and procedures of the company itself. Undeniably, discrimination from all of these sources result in negative outcomes for both the employee and the organization as a whole. Most research focuses on the negative outcomes faced by an organization, very little is to be said for the individual workers themselves. It is important for organizations to analysis the effects of perceived discrimination on the individual employees as it affects everyone in the organization. If an employee feels discriminated against that is translated in their behaviour, productivity and commitment to the organization.

Physical and Emotional Effects of Discrimination

Discrimination has been linked to various psychological and physical health issues. In the workplace, individuals have experienced major depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and psychological distress (Kessler et al., 1999). The study conducted by Kessler and colleagues indicated that distress and depression were mostly due to a fear of being fired from a job or not being hired for one (1999). Most of the recent research conducted in North America, however, focuses on the effects of racial discrimination faced by ethnic minorities. A study conducted with 520 African-Americans showed that the participants reported varying levels of stress…

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