Discrimination And Social Differences With Given Societies Essay

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Intersectionality is the interconnected ways by which various individuals. Kimberle Williams Crensha discrimination based on social differences with given societies. Far often many view issues as being singular. However, as more complex studies take a look in to solving these issues, the more researchers see that these issues are very much so connected with each other. For example, if an African-American poor woman is experiencing discrimination in life these troubles are not either linked to being poor or being African-America (Collins). More often than not these struggles are linked together to form a more complex form of discrimination. These differences act simultaneously to. Viewing discrimination in this aspect is extremely important in gaining equality systemically because in order to understand why someone is being discriminated against it is crucial to understand his or her full identity. Intersectionality allows for social scientists to deconstruct social hierarchy. Audre Lord once said, there is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives. Fortunately, in a few of my other classes we had the opportunity to discuss this term in relations to women in politics. It is most significant because it has negatively impacted women’s ability to take part in elected positions. Most specifically, as the push for women’s rights moved forward in order to segment a more prominent role in American society women of color are often left in the…

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