Discrimination And Prejudice Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Discrimination is created by mankind not embracing people’s differences. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird many characters are subject to discrimination for different reasons. These people include, Tom Robinson for being an African American, Mr. Dolphus Raymond for being white married to a black woman, the Ewells and Cunninghams are put into the poor farm family category, and Arthur Radley is discriminated against for not coming out into public in Maycomb. Harper Lee is effective in showing the discrimination and prejudice of the 1930s throughout her book To Kill a Mockingbird. Tom Robinson, a colored man in Maycomb County in the 1930s, is a subject of discrimination at a large degree in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. In the book Tom is wrongly accused of raping Mayella Ewell a white girl in her home. Being a black man during this time meant that when Tom was taken to trial he was almost guaranteed prosecution before being tried against a white man because black people had no value during this time. Atticus knew this was true when he stated, “Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try and win,” (Lee 76). People also were prejudice to Tom the night before his trial when he was in jail in Maycomb, a group of men tried to come and kill him. This conversation outside the jail was between the men trying to kill Tom and Atticus “’He in there, Mr. Finch?’ A man said. ‘He is,’ we heard Atticus answer… ‘You know what we want,’…

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