Essay about Discrimination And Employment Laws Of The Workplace

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Discrimination and Employment Laws
The federal law prohibits any discrimination of employees by the employers by the sex, race, religion, color or origin/nationality in the workplace environment. Besides, any case or claim of sexual harassment mainly in the workplace is often categorized as the hostile work environment whether verbally through a vulgar language or any contact and conduct directly to the one filing the claim. However, not every vulgar language is actionable as sexual harassment because under Title VII has been expounded as not a civility code and sexual or profane language or conduct does not constitute any form of workplace discrimination (Player, 2013).
An employer that tolerates or allows any use of rude or vulgar language at the workplace is not suitable to be part of the business and is acting unprofessionally. Vulgar language may appear funny, but in the real sense, it may damage a lot when it comes to business activities and the relationship between the employees and employers which will then be transferred to clients. The Title VII of the Civil rights Act 1964 considers sex-based discrimination at the workplace as ab applicable defense. Some words such as a whore, shit, fuck and words that are gender-specific are deemed to be inappropriate and illegal under improper use. Otherwise, the use of general vulgarities does not automatically qualify to be sexual discrimination or any embarrassment because they are charged according to the context they are…

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