Discrimination And Discrimination

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Discrimination is as common as shells at the beach and as clouds in the sky. Most people feel that discrimination is just a figure of other people’s imagination, but the reality is that the people who do not “see it” are actually doing it. “Discrimination is the behavior that treats people unequally on the basis of an ascribed such as race or sex (Farley & Flota, 2012, p.188).” Discrimination has been a part of my life for a long time, even before I knew what the word meant. Up until three years ago, I thought I never experienced discrimination, nor have I ever seen it. I was in elementary school, I was probably in the second grade and I was sent to in-school detention for altercation that was completely my fault. While in detention another …show more content…
I now know that I was defiantly treated unfairly, but one thing I will never know is the cause of these actions. Discrimination is not an act that people are born knowing how to do, but something a person was taught to do by either their family or the pressures of society.
I personally chose Discrimination because I often witness these kind of acts. I could recall this one particular time, I was working for a well-known beach resort that was filled with rich people, but mostly white people. When I got the interview, I was so surprise that even got a call back. It was painfully obvious that there were not a ton of people that look like me at the beach resort. After three weeks into the job, I notice that they hired a new server that happened to be African American. The new server and I did become friends, so you can image my surprise when I found out that the server had been fired on a day that I was not working. The server came into work like any other ordinary day and began taking orders, but on this day the there was a particular rich family that was at the pool. The server attempted to take the family’s order, but was rudely dismissed and few moments later was replaced by another server that just happened to be white. The server was pulled
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For instance, when a celebrity is to be found racist because they refuse to work place people, most investors start to pull away and they immediately begin to shun that person. When in reality, I think we should treat that person as if they have a disease. I think we should learn what is triggering these actions and where does this behavior stem from. I think shunning the person that needs the most help is not a solution to the problem. I think as a society as a whole people need to understand that people are not the same and the only thing we really have in common is that we are human. Discrimination is not something I agree with, but at least it is something that I have to no longer live with in

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