Legalizing Marijuana Argument Essay

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Marijuana is federally labeled a schedule one drug, meaning that it is illegal under any circumstances and that it has no medical benefits. However, marijuana is still widely used by many Americans; in fact, according to a recent Gallup poll (2013): “38% [of Americans] Have Tried Marijuana,” needless to say that this percentage could be considerably higher because the information is self reported (Saad 2013). States are now taking action to legalize marijuana for medical use and a few states have even legalized it for recreational use: twenty- three states have legalized marijuana in some form (medical reasons) and four states have legalized it for recreational use. Still, marijuana is classified illegal under federal law and this establishes …show more content…
Legalization of marijuana would not lead to the legalization of other more potent drugs such as crystal meth; marijuana is not nearly as harmful as other drugs that are legal and that is one of the crucial reasons why it should be legalized. The legalization of alcohol did not lead to the legalization of cocaine and likewise marijuana (which is safer than alcohol) would not lead to the legalization of other drugs. To the address the concern of minors having the drug more available, the legalization of cannabis would also have its restrictions: “must be 21 and older to buy, possess or use retail marijuana. It is illegal to give or sell retail marijuana to minors” (State of Colorado 2013). Even though some minors would inevitably get a hold of the drug, it would be the same minors who would obtain the drug even when it is illegal; some minors are going to use the drug illegal or not. Legalizing it would eliminate the danger that minors run by going to a corner drug dealer. Furthermore, although marijuana does seem to have some addictive qualities it’s addictive potential is not nearly as high as tobacco or alcohol. Also, there is not sufficient evidence to prove that people become completely dependent on marijuana. For a person to develop such symptoms he/she would have to use a very high amount of marijuana daily. Even when the person is in a euphoric state he/she is able to function somewhat “normally” as opposed to someone who is intoxicated with alcohol. Therefore, marijuana should be legalized because the nation would benefit grandly and because there are no legitimate reasons why it should remain

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