Discrimination And Discrimination Of Ethnic Homosexuals Essay

716 Words Nov 11th, 2015 3 Pages
When I think of a gay or lesbian person, I automatically picture a white person. This could be because I’m white, or it could be because of the discrimination and isolation of ethnic homosexuals. Greene’s reading really shed light on a topic I have never thought about before and actually made me quite sad. As a white heterosexual American, I will never fully understand what it is like to be the minority here. I will never truly experience the same confusions or isolations that foreigners feel, let alone the feeling of being homosexual. So much stress is put on these people between family expectations, fitting into a whole new culture, and finding a partner who makes them happy. This is a topic that definitely needs more attention and awareness brought to it. “Ethnic-minority gay men and lesbians exist as minorities within minorities with the multiple levels or oppression and discrimination that accompanies such status.” (Greene 248). This line in the article really affected me more than all other. In my own hectic life I never really have the time to think and empathize for these people and how hard it must be for them. Most ethnicities that were discussed opposed homosexuality in their culture. Latin Americans for example, are expected to continue their family legacy by working hard, marrying, and having children. I found it interesting yet disturbing how Latin Americans and Asian American men can sleep with other men but will not be considered gay however women should…

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