Discrimination Against Same Sex Marriage

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While the public is divided over same sex marriage, a majority of americans say that homosexuality should be accepted rather than discouraged, by society. The bible says marriage should be between a man and a woman; however, marriage is based on the love two people feel for each other. “ Homosexuality is wrong because the bible says so!” but doesn 't he bible also state “Love your neighbor and yourself” (Mark 12 : 31)? So why is it that some homophobes justify their homophobia with “the bible says so!” but forget about about all of the other sins, the sins being forgotten?

I do not have a problem with sensible campaigning fighting and highlighting discrimination against homosexuals and attempting to win their rights that they perceive to
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Years of research suggest that people cannot change their sexual orientation because they want to and that trying can cause mental anguish. In a gross over simplification you 're labeling a fully formed human being. Denying any emotional component in their lives; any capacity to feel love or show their genuine affection towards someone else is not fair because of what society thinks about them. The home and environment as represented by the family are the key that determines homosexuality. “Sigmund Freud states” that the child, fearful of his father wrath, identifies with his mother and, unconsciously takes his father (or men in general) as the object of their sexual love. In that sense, there is a possibility that being raised by a single mother and not a father can also enhance the desire of attracting the same gender by picking up the mothers habits such as enjoying to go shopping or getting pampered. Fathers often raise their child and want their boy(s) to almost have the same interest as the father, such as playing sports-like like football, baseball, cars and so on. But why is it that we label things as being “feminine” and “manly”? Why can’t girls grow up liking the same things boys do and not be considered a tom boy or vise versa. As a society we need to stop with the labeling and let people live life the way they want to. …show more content…
It does not hurt society or anyone in particular. The homosexuality lifestyle is highly promiscuous and brimming with disease. In defending words, context determines the meaning. Every individual has a mind of their own, but the way the world works as a society we were raised with then thought that same sex is not “normal”. “In the the years following independence from Britain, the death penalty was gradually removed from the former colonial laws. However, sexual behavior between persons of the same gender remained a criminal act throughout the United States until the 1960s” With that being said, the world is failing to remember that we do not live in a _____ world and we do not have to continue with this mentality on homosexuals. Likewise, the context of homosexuality acts are equally important. Behaviors always have context and homosexuality activity is in the context of one, a redefinition of sexual morals and two, its accompany promiscuity. If being homophobic back in the 60’s was a “criminal act”, being homophobic would not have been a problem that it is now. Why is it that gay men cannot love one another and show affection just like the rest of us heterosexuals? What makes them any different from us? The way that we raised, that is

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