Discrimination Against People Of Color Essay

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No other force has been able to continually divide Americans as racism has. Discrimination against people of colour is a problem we face today and its origins date back to the nations very beginning. Early European settlers grossly mistreated, murdered and, attempted to enslave Native Americans. Soon after they began capturing and enslaving African Americans. Slave owners treated their slaves as their property. They would use, buy and sell them as they wished; and this was the norm in Colonial America. The following original source is a letter written in 1740 of an owner attempting to sell one of his slaves. The following document gives us an insight on what the owners thought about their slaves and how they saw them as something less than human. The document Letter Authorizing Sale of Enslaved Girl Named Esther was written by Captain Robert Thompson of Charles Town, West Virginia. In the letter, he makes an offer to Edward & John Mayne & Co. of a young slave girl named Esther. The trading of slaves was not uncommon in this time, but his Capt. Thompson’s intention was to send Esther to Portugal. In his letter he spoke highly of Esther and her housekeeping skills. He describes Esther as, “a very Likely Young Wench & can doe any House Work…& is not given to any vice & have always found her very honest (Kupperman 237).” He claims that she is a very good worker and that the only reason he is attempting to sell her is because she will often run away to her parents who live at a…

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