Discrimination Against Immigrants During The United States Essay

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Discrimination against Immigrants
Although America has had its fair share of discrimination in the past, discrimination still persists and has become a cancer spreading deep into the root of America’s mantra of all men are created equal. America claims it’s a “melting pot” or a “nation of immigrants”, but we don’t willingly accept immigrants here in the United States. Discrimination in America is illegal but it is still widespread. Immigrants are usually seen as a threat, are treated unfairly, and are discriminated against. Immigrants come to the United States wanting to seek a new home but instead they are told to assimilate, blamed for economic crises, and told to be deported back to their country.
The status held by immigrants confer an unwanted status of lowliness which leads to inferiority complex. This status sometimes give rise to inner struggle between realizing one’s real identity and trying to feel included. As an immigrant, the differences in accent and way of self-expression is a decisive factor for Americans and thus puts an undue pressure on one’s ability to feel accepted. Many immigrants today face this same challenge and have to overcome this barrier through years of residency in the U.S. Some Americans believe that immigrants should entirely disown their culture and assimilate into America’s culture. According to ……., immigrants need to "become American" in order to overcome their deficits in the new language and culture”. However, multi-culturists believe…

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