Discovery Project Essay

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Discovery Project: A Venture in Merging Brands, 65 Points Total:

Introduction The Discovery Project will aid in identifying essential criteria you must consider as you pursue any organization. To outpace your competition, you will need to create a connection between the employer’s brand and your personal brand. In the four-step Personal Branding Process (Discover, Create, Communicate, Maintain), this jump-starts the Discovery stage. You will spend time finding key information and career opportunities on your selected organization that will be used in composing your resume, cover letter, personal brand pitch, online applications, and interview responses.

Tasks You will:
1. Identify the name, and other criteria, of a
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If not, log in using the hyperlink at the beginning of this sentence. When prompted for the school’s group code, enter “toldedobusiness.” There is a “How to Sign Up for CareerShift” document in the Blackboard Syllabus and Resources Folder. Use this Introduction to CareerShift for help navigating this in-depth resource. • Business Research Databases housed in the Carlson Library. See “Carlson Library Resources for BUAD 3000” in the Syllabus and Resources folder for this! •, which provides great information about company salaries, reviews and interview questions for thousands of companies. • Linkedin
Part 1 Company/Organization and Industry (For whom do you want to work?) (Each box must have a response to receive full credit!) 5 points
|Organization Name |Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu |
|Website (if available) | |
|Industry |Accounting Field |
|Publicly/Privately Held |Privately Held |
|Product/Service |A

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