Discovery And Knowledge In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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1. This following quote comes from Walton’s first letter to his sister in England. It captures one of the main themes of Frankenstein which is knowledge and discovery. Robert Walton states this quote in a much anticipated tone which shows his quest to reach the northernmost part of the earth. His quest to reach the other side of the earth closely relates to the theme of discovery and knowledge. His anticipation and ambition closely relates to Victor’s quest of knowledge. Both Walton and Victor seek ultimate knowledge throughout the novel and this is expressed very early on in the novel. After reading this novel readers are able to perceive that knowledge is worth pure gold through the desirability of the characters.
2. Shelley presents many themes throughout her novel and one of them include loneliness. Robert Walton expresses his loneliness through his letter to his sister. A majority of the novel is conveyed in a tone of despair and misery. Walton also expresses his feelings to his sister in a tone of desolation. He expresses his loneliness and his inability to have a friend to share his moments of delight and
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Mary Shelley presents the theme of monstrosity throughout the novel even in her final chapters. She continues to use quotes stated by the main characters to express her theme. This quote, is said to Walton as the creature looks at dead Frankenstein, in a tone of remorse. It is an example of the creature’s capacity to reason and feel guilt. He realizes that he was wrong, but in the same paragraph goes on to justify what he did. This is, however, the point at which the creature acknowledges that he is somewhat to blame for what happened. After a long desire of revenge the monster gives up and utters his feelings to Victor. In a very guilty way the monster explains how ashamed he is for making his life revolve around revenge. Readers acknowledge the feelings of the monster in this quote and also recognize the theme of monstrosity coming to an

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