Discover Your True North Summary

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Discover Your True North, by Bill George describes the expectations for today’s leaders have drastically changed from traditional views. The financial crisis a few years ago occurred in part because leaders consumed themselves with fame, fortune, and power. These self-serving leaders ultimately did not benefit themselves or the companies they led, making today’s leaders take notice. A great number of today’s workforce is comprised of the Millennials, who have very different expectations for leaders. This generation is more socially connected and want their leaders to be transparent and collaborative, and balk at bureaucracy and excessive hierarchy. In today’s global economy, leaders are comprised of more diverse individuals than ever before. These challenges require leaders to be authentic and have a high emotional intelligence (EQ)- being self-aware and building authentic, open relationships. 1
The book states that to be an authentic leader you must be genuine and real. This will allow you to be the leader you want to be, which is guided by your true north - the internal compass that guides you successfully through life. 2 You have been shaped by events in your life, morals, values, and principles you
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You will empower employees and create an effective organization while providing clarity and passion for the mission. No leader accomplishes greatness alone, it is vital to identify a support team to provide objective feedback and moral support. It is important for you to set aside personal time to relax, reflect, and recharge. Failing to do so may cause you to lose sight of your authentic self and you will veer of course from your true north. This book is truly inspiring with stories of other leaders and how they have transformed by finding and following their true

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