Discourse Of The Mind : The Human Brain Essays

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Discourse of the Mind
“The human brain is an engine of belief. Our minds continually consume, produce, and attempt to integrate ideas about ourselves and the world that purport to be true” (Moral). Everything that humans produce, take part in, or observe is a result of the mind and its ideas. Many humans fail to realize this truth, even though it is essentially the foundation of everyday action. Truths about the mind can be studied and used to benefit society through areas such as education, technology, and civil rights. The purpose of this discourse is to explore the immense domain of the human mind that is far more significant than humans realize (“Drugs”). It is important that humans realize how much our minds are actually capable of. Also, it is important that our generation, and the following generations, recognize the dangers modern society poses on the human cognitive system. This knowledge and power of the human mind can and should be utilized to maximize human well-being. Human well-being can be maximized throughout several general sectors of society. This manifesto was conceived to promote the value of education, endorse the advancement of the sciences, and support the civil freedoms of humankind.
A large obligation society should feel is the necessity to educate this generation, as well as following generations, on how to maximize human well-being (“Drugs”). Education is a powerful tool that can be used to benefit society. However it is also used in other parts of…

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