Discourse Community Analysis Essay example

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The Journey of A Successful Soccer Player
In order to be accepted into a discourse community, a person must learn typical ways people in that community communicate and argue. In this paper I will prove that I entered the discourse community of my high school soccer team by acquiring knowledge, establishing my credibility, and learning the game I love. In other words, I will be using the ethos, logos, and pathos appeals. I love to play soccer and watch the professionals who play on TV. I have played since I was ten years old and always played in a city league team. The requirements of being part of the team were simple but at the same time very hard. I was recently part of my high school soccer team, the Crowley Eagles. People might
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Guys who lead others in the right direction are always people to look up to. Some of the teams that I have been in have been very strict, in other words, if you don’t know how to play the sport the coaches wouldn’t even give you a chance to show what you got. This is different in a way that people didn’t understand why they weren’t chosen knowing they were better than others that were. I might have not been the best player but I knew what I was capable of. I did my best to motivate myself and my teammates to not give up and live up to our potential. Coach made us understand how the appeal of ethos takes place in being part of the team. We would play depending on us. While we played we would think “ I got myself here”. We had gained the credibility to be part of the team.
“Crowley boys soccer team falls short against El Paso Del Valle” were the headlines in the papers. I can’t even explain the feeling I got when the referee blew the final whistle. I felt mad and hopeless for not being able to have done anything for my team due to an injury that had happened to me the game before. The other team had beaten us because of a small mistake. The tears started to roll down not only in my eyes but also in all of my brothers. This feeling of defeat and disappointed didn’t last long because we knew we were the first to get this far in more than ten years. It sucked knowing that our last game all together as a team would end like this. We were

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