Discipline With Dignity, By The Quick Mastery Of Techniques Or The Implementation Of A Packaged Method

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I like the quote I read in the book Discipline with Dignity, “Effective discipline does not come from the quick mastery of techniques or the implementation of a packaged method” (pg41). I believe that effectively fixing issues dealing with discipline and faculty issues and maintaining an effective learning environment takes time and patience. Upon analysis of my school’s survey results, I believe that our school overall has a pretty effectively run discipline program and an environment conductive to a successful learning environment. The teachers on the staff are happy working there, the students enjoy school and the relationship between the administration and teachers is very strong. One area I would work on to improve even more however, is question four from the survey. It appears that some of our faculty feel that the ability to discuss issues during our faculty meeting is not conducive as it could be. The respondents feel that there are some teachers who tend to dominate the conservation and /or some are louder than others which makes some faculty members become less inclined to participate in discussions than others. In an article by the Wallace Foundations, The Principal as a Leader: An overview, the authors discuss results from a University Of Washington study in which an important trait of effective administrators was the ability to encourage teachers and administrators to work together on various issues, including working on problem solving issues (Knapp,…

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