Discipline Specific Knowledge And Capabilities Essay

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Discipline specific knowledge and capabilities
This means that Deakin graduates should have a clear understanding about the course they follow, and should use this understanding in practical situations. Therefore a clear goal should be set from the beginning till the end of the course, which will produce skillful graduates possessed with the knowledge required for their careers.

Humans interact with each other through communication. Professional communication delivers our ideas to others and vice versa. Employers expect employees to have excellent communication skills as they reflect on the outcome of a task. Hence developing high communication standards at university level will help students to easily meet employer expectations.

Digital Literacy
The job world is revolutionizing due to the advancement of science and technology. Therefore technology related skills are favorably considered when offering a job in any field. By developing relevant digital skills expected by the modern job market, Deakin graduates could stand out from the others and are more likely to be employed in their desired fields.

Critical Thinking
Due to the light of new knowledge, a roll of a job changes frequently. Different decisions must be made and therefore critical thinking becomes extremely useful. Critical thinkers adapt their work according to the change in situation and produce a positive outcome. Therefore critical thinking is a skill that employers examine during an…

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