Discipline on Children Essay examples

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Discipline can become a challenge for parents today and choosing the right method is something that parents should take very seriously. Physical punishment is one form of discipline that parents employ. In fact, most parents believe that physical punishment is an acceptable form of discipline (“The National Child Traumatic Stress Network” 1). On the other hand, there may be some people who oppose physical punishment but is this a good decision to make? In order for parents to make this decision, examining whether this is the best way to discipline a child and their welfare needs to be done. It is important to know when it is appropriate and to what extent physical punishment should be used. Some parents may not realize but the way a child …show more content…
Parents must be firm when they discipline their child because this lets the child know you are serious and in return they too will take you seriously.
Furthermore, the children reported that “they did not always understand the parental disciplinary messages, which were often delivered in an inconsistent manner and without explicit instructions to children” (Dobbs 158). This could be one reason why it gets difficult to discipline a child because they do not fully understand the message from their parents. According to a study 57% of children reported they did not understand the parental disciplinary message or only understanding sometimes (Dobbs et al 144). In fact, some children did not understand the meaning of the words their parents use and children say the parents do not tell them exactly the reason why they are upset (Dobbs et al 144). Most of the time children do not even realize they did something wrong and from the study, it is important to take the time to explain to them their mistake. Parents need to assure that the child understands the reason for discipline.
According to Dobbs’ study, children were more likely to reject the parental message if parents were inconsistent in what they required of them (158). The reasons why children do the opposite of what their parents tell them to do was because “they did not understand the parental message,

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