Discipline Investigation Essay

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Discipline investigation is an essay that allows a student to discover the difficulties of professional life. The main source for this essay is the interview that student uses to collect the empirical data. From my opinion, this dissertation is a study to convince students to either follow what they choose or change their career. Before doing this assignment, I expected chemical engineering is a tough profession in the industry but I found out the academic courses were challenging in terms of classes, high-grade point average, and high level of communication skills. Therefore, I am looking forward hearing from an expert how to be intelligent in an own career field.
Chemical engineering is a branch of physical sciences (physics
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One of my lifelong passions has been to care for the environment and the future of our earth. Because of its potential for solving any issues in areas that involve physical science, this profession was a natural career choice for me. My curiosity drives me to continuously grow and improve, and has, in recent years, sparked my interest in creating new elements from atoms, and minerals as well as getting involved with petroleum, coal, and alternative energy. In addition, I came from a family that had a strong background in science and have always been inspired by my …show more content…
She showed me a lot of potential that I need to be well educated as her. I want to follow her path of getting PhD as soon as I finish my undergraduate degree and go abroad for higher studies. I learnt to be independent and never being dependent on someone’s else financially. She mentioned that an engineer should push himself to get promoted to the next level of work such as moving from industrial calculations to high level of inventions. She made me realize that there is no limit of learning and I have to get internships as soon as I can be well- known in the industry. As a chemical or process engineer, there is not much to say about communicating skills unless if there is a project that needs to be presented to tell the company about the progress and achievements. My gratification to meet someone like her makes me sure to believe that I have chosen a stable passage for my future

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