Discipline As Part Of Child Rearing Practices Essay

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Family, culture and society are all influential to help develop children’s cognitive skills, values and behaviour. (Gonzalez-Mena,2008). Discipline as part of child-rearing practices is developed by society and culture ( Bradley and Kibera, 2006). How society and or culture influences discipline will be analysed using different theoretical perspectives and finally, the effect of discipline to child development.

Discipline is the process of teaching children the values and normative behaviours of their society (Wissow, 2002). Parents in all societies and cultures struggles over the complex issue of disciplining children (Yorburg, 2002) as each behaviour, child, family, parental beliefs, society’s laws, norms and beliefs are different and yet, connected in the larger scheme. The formation of discipline practices parents and adults will implement depend upon the influences of society and culture and their life experiences ( Kean, 1997, Gonzalez-Mena,2008). Our society changes and so are the kind of discipline we use to children. A movement from very strict discipline to almost none, different family context and structures, socio-economic status, education, increasing children’s rights and protection and the changing roles of each parents in child-rearing are some of the factors that changes how we view and implement discipline ( Forehand & Mc Kinney, 1993). The challenges of disciplining children at present are greater than ever considering the variables.


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