Discipline And Discipline Essay

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According to the participants, discipline is a major factor affecting teaching and the learning environment. Notably, these teachers look at discipline as a major component of instructional effectiveness. They expressed that a hectic situation can develop with only a very small number of disruptive students. Additionally, instructional time can be threatened by even minor discipline issues. In addition to direct student discipline confrontations, it was expressed that parents often support their children’s bad behavior. They expressed that they have known very effective teachers to have given up their careers because of the complexities associated with student discipline.
The participants who had challenges in and out
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P3 suggested she had no problems with any cultural challenges in or out of the classroom that,
"No. I do not believe I encounter any cultural challenges in or out of the classroom."
The participants articulated that a large number of students are not successful due to lack of interest and motivation. They suggested that students become inert in their accomplishments when there is no interest in their own achievement. Some explained that it is not that students are unaware of their academic expectations, but without academic motivation, their students find it difficult to be successful and consequently, lose interest in their education.
The participants felt that in order for their students to achieve in their classrooms, they have to present the lessons in a manner that the students can relate. They feel it is of the upmost importance that they come up with creative and interesting presentations of the material being taught. In interviewing P2, it was evident that she was interested in reaching her students to get the maximum results in her class. Sshe was a very innovative teacher and really cared about her students’
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These participants deemed that the teacher has the task of becoming familiar with the diverse cultural issues at hand in order to increase the odds for success in their classroom settings. P10 stated,
“Of course. But, this issue is not such a problem in school, but out of schoolmy students really struggle with diversity.”
P7 discussed the fact that,
“In this evolving world, our students encounter cultural diversities with more frequency.”
Teaching Teachers to think of students as individuals rather than “white” or “black”
It appeared from the responses of the participants that something as simple as positive teacher feedback can contribute to improved student performance. They stated that students are very observant. They notice the teachers that care for all of their students and do not see students as “black” or “white.” Several teachers mentioned that positive comments by teachers can give their students the motivation they need to inspire them to work harder. One such participants was P4, who affirmed

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