Discipline and Discharge Essay example

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Discipline and Discharge
Esteban Estrada
American Military University


Discipline, in the context of a work place, can be defined as the act of implementing acceptable behavior in wayward employees to create a comfortable working environment. Discharge of an employee means to dismiss him or her from their job. The discipline and discharge of employees tends to be a thorny issue at any work place. No person really wants to be told they are wrong or that they are lagging behind in their work that they do not show team spirit or are rude to colleagues and disrespectful to those in charge. Just as there are guidelines on how to handle other issues that may arise at work, there are also guidelines on how to discipline
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When it comes to employee discipline, management can borrow a leaf from educators who believe that there should be a middle ground. This means that discipline should not be taken to extremes with rigid unbendable rules and constant monitoring. The message that should be passed across to the employees is that there is a limit to their expression and behavior, which affects not only them but also the rest of their team. They must also be made to understand that their bad behavior brings down the whole team and there are consequences for misbehavior, which they must face (Levine, 1998). The written rules should not take on a confrontational tone. Rather, they should sound like they solely have the employee’s welfare in mind. On the other hand the rules should not sound apologetic. The wording should not bring about any ambiguity. Let the statements be simple and to the point with the offense and punishments clearly outlined (Levine, 1998). Though there may be general rules to offenses, it is best to treat each case of misconduct as an isolated incident. Management has to consider under what circumstance the rules were broken. For example if an employee is an hour late for work an investigation has to be done into his late coming to see if it is justifiable. The employer has to consider also the employee’s record of time keeping thus determining what disciplinary action to take (Levine, 1998). It is paramount that the punishment stipulated for any

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