Discharge Plan for Patient Who Underwent Total Hip Replacement

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Discharge Plan for Patient who underwent Total Hip Replacement (THR)
GNT1 Task2

This paper focuses on the discharge plan for patient who underwent the Total Hip Replacement (THR). The nurse, as a case manager, works with the multidisciplinary team to determine the appropriate discharge plan for the patient. The roles and responsibilities of each member are elaborated. The healthcare issues, the safety assessment are discussed. In this case study the patient lives alone during the recovery from the surgery, so the effects of social isolation and psychological factors on the recovery process are also explained.

Assessment of the Situation: After the
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Trosack is not safe to be discharged to his home. The nurse must reevaluate and find placement where he can have adequate and effective care in a long-term care and rehabilitation facility. This will provide him the nursing care, wound care, physical therapy, ambulation assistance, dietary consultation to control Diabetes, teaching, and other services needed to facilitate his recovery and prepare him to care for himself at home.
The third healthcare concern is the pain issues that can affect the recovery process and quality of life. The incision pain from the surgery may interfere with his mobility and activity of daily living. Mr. Trosack potentially needs help for some basic daily functions such as preparing meals, getting dressed, taking showers, and getting out of bed. Although he has been prescribed Percocet to manage his pain he has a history of medication non -compliance as evidenced by the many old prescriptions that fill his bathroom medicine cabinet. Therefore, it is believed that he may not take his medications as prescribed, so pain may continue to affect his mobility, self care, and daily functions. Pain may also cause sleep disturbance, such as sleep deprivation, which can lead to fatigue and decreased immune functions. This potentially will slow down the recovery process after the surgery. Keeping these indications in mind, the pain issues described here should be considered when planning for discharging the elderly patient.
The fourth healthcare

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