Discharge Of The Mucus Plug Essays

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Discharging of the Mucus Plug
Many aspects of pregnancy can cause alarm to expectant mothers. One of the most alarming situation one might deal with is the discharging of the mucus plug.
What is the Mucus Plug?
The cervix produces a special mucus referred to as cervical mucus. Cervical mucus is a natural protection that a women’s body produces. The mucus is secreted or discharged during different parts of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. The mucus is secreted from the cervix to protect the reproductive organs from opportunistic pathogens and invading bacteria and/or pathogens. Additionally, when ovulation has occurred, the mucus evolves and acts as a safe passage way for sperm to travel. This is why many women experience an increase in mucus discharge around the time of ovulation.
The secretion of cervical mucus is controlled by estrogen. Estrogen is a natural hormone that the endocrine system produces to regulate homeostasis. When the egg is fertilized and has implanted in the uterus, the estrogen levels rise promoting an increase gland in the cervix to produce cervical mucus secretion. This higher level of cervical mucus accumulates inside the cervix, where it thickens. A seal is formed called the operculum, or the mucus plug. The mucus plug is filled with immunoglobulins, antimicrobial peptides, and thousands of other antimicrobial agents.
Essentially, the mucus plug is a gelatinous plug that is formed during pregnancy. The purpose of the mucus plug is to block the…

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