Public Housing In Homeland Security

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Introduction This paper will review the disaster preparedness for public housing in Homeland security. Disasters happen all the time, but it comes down to if you are prepared for what is to come, and after the disaster. Through the research it was found that a lot of communities, especially poorer communities like the housing projects are not at all prepared for disasters. A recent policy just got passed that has communities coming together to learn about disasters, and how to be prepared for them. They have these non-profit organizations going into different communities, and teaching people about how to be prepared for disasters. A good example, of this is when public schools will have a fire drill test, or a tornado warning test. They …show more content…
In addition, not being able to have a good plan, enough funds, or full preparation for what is to come. This can also cause problems within the community, and especially within housing projects. It also was proven that communities, and household are not prepared for disasters at all. The question becomes what is homeland security doing about these issues? Should there be an emergency kit, and what does that look like? When it comes to the community how prepared are they for a disaster? Do households even know what to do during a disaster? What happens to people who live in a poverty situation like the projects, or people from other countries who come to the United States? All of these are the problems at hand that need to be answered.

Review of the literature There were several resources that were found to be applicable towards disaster preparedness, and Homeland Security. It is important for the community to work together in these situation. Furthermore, being prepared for a disaster is very important especially among more vulnerable communities (Lippmann, 2011). They will be more prone to not knowing what to do in a situation like that, or how to prepare for
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Some examples of disaster preparedness from the past is September 11th, anthrax, Hurricane Katrina, and terrorism to name a few (Lippmann, 2011). This is very important to know because it shows what lack of preparation there has been in the past. Disaster can be defined with floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and deathly viruses (Lippmann, 2011). These are not small situations, but are considered life, and death situations. In addition, disaster causes a loss of a safe place to live, special items, the loss of a loved one, and even having to move to a different state (Lippmann, 2011). For example, during Hurricane Katrina the agencies for the disaster management did not catch all the warning signs (Lippmann, 2011). This means if they would have been more prepared for disasters then a lot less damage may have been done. There were over 1,980 deaths that happened during Hurricane Katrina (Lippmann, 2011). It was also found through the research that the victims of Katrina were mostly low-income, refugees, and people who did not speak much English (Lippmann, 2011). That means that most people were considered under a minority group (Lippmann,

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