Disaster Planning For A Health Care Organization Essay

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Disaster planning for a health care organization is priority and a responsibility for the community that resides in the geographical area. Providing quality care during a disaster will create a positive and caring atmosphere and also save many lives of the community. The people in the community are friends, family, and neighbors who serve the community and who are patients that come in for regular checkups. Therefore, the health care organization needs to take disaster planning serious because the people we knows lives are at stake.
Superior Health will “grow leaders who thoroughly understand the work, live the philosophy, and teach it to others.” Delivering a philosophy that puts the patient first is a moto that Superior Health stands for. The patient will always receive quality care in all situations. Consistency and standardization of work will be implemented so that the patient will always know that their caring needs will be met. Therefore, the leaders at Superior Health will teach their employees and not tell their employees. It is very important that the leaders inspire their employees to perform task at their greatest ability and this will carry over when disasters occur.
Superior Health will have a meeting with the leaders of each department to go over how to handle a disaster. The leaders will discuss budgets, vendors, space, volunteers, and quality care. In addition, it is important that the leaders take the information they received and create a medium in…

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