Personal Reflective Essay: Lessons Learn

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Lessons Learn In life I have faced many disappointments and downfalls in which I have learned many important lessons over the years. Yes, indeed it hurts and makes you very upset and want to not trust in someone never again because of something a person done to you before and you feel as if the next person is going to do the same thing towards you as they did. I have many disappointments in life that I have face but they only made me a stronger and wiser young lady even though when it had happened broke me down to my knees and felt like I couldn’t do it no more but the outcome was all worth what I had went through. I have a few disappointments that I’m going to talk about for a while since the …show more content…
I always love my friends and would go all out the way for them just to see them most of them would do the same while sometimes the others did care about me as much as I did. Then all of a sudden they started to turn their backs on me and be two faced towards me and I would go home and cry to my mom and be very upset because my friends weren’t themselves any more and just mean to me. She would tell me that some day that God would send me an true friend and if they are your true friend they wouldn’t believe everything that they would hear. I never really meant what my mom said until I actually grew up and notice it to myself. I now don’t even care to much about friends and if someone talks to me or not. Even do they know it or not my mom is my best friend and I’ll never lose sleep and cry again over friends because they come and go. I also had to watch my back who I would tell my business to because they could disappointment you also you tell them something you only wanted them to know then go and run and tell it then the whole town knows yours business. Which also taught me a while down lesson about friends and so call best

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