Disadvantages Of Technology In Education

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Technology is interesting in so many ways. In today 's society, we can 't live without the technology sensation it delivers. The different directions technology has introduced in the world is incredible. For instance, there 's technology in business, relationships, transportation, and education. The advantages and disadvantages of technology in the classroom specifically K-12, has proven technology increases teaching and learning methods for the greater good. Technology supports the education system 100 percent, it gives students a different approach and understanding when it comes to learning and succeeding in the education system.
Today 's technology has made a huge change in the education world. With the invention of technological gadgets
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According to researchers, "It is without question that students will need to know how to use technology to communicate and collaborate in their future careers. Almost all jobs use at least one form of technology, so students need to be comfortable using it" (Harkema). Some education systems thrive on technology to improve their teaching techniques as well as create new goals for interpreting the materials in different ways. The system wants kids to be able to reteach what they were taught; being able to grasp the teaching material in real life obstacles. According to researchers, "Educational technology helps close learning gaps, while we can 't always predict educational outcomes, educational technology allows us to use data to identify students that need interventions in certain subjects. This is especially important because data allows information to be analyzed and easily communicated back to teachers, parents, and other parties involved quickly. The sooner they can take steps to correct these issues, keeps students within the educational timeframe" (Embracing technology to Achieve Results). Integrating technology in the classroom has helped students become their own teachers. Students have the different tools to find the answers and they can also implement their teachings anywhere it 's needed. There are also times when technology in the …show more content…
According to Montana, "Identify specific projects, times during class, and the specific intentions you have for allowing the use of technology in the classroom. Creating expectations and guidelines for the students and sticking to them, will be important for them in respecting your boundaries" (Montana). Allowing teachers to add some type of control when using technology keeps the focus on track. Kids only rebel when there is access or no rules, thankfully technology has parent locks and control categories, which allows the education system to enforce those boundaries. Also, in some cases technology can foster more cheating in the classroom, again the students have that access, but the students have the idea to want to be right all the time whether it 's their input or someone else 's, so cheating becomes the reaction. For instance, Wark criticizes the education system by stating, "Education is slavery. Education enchains the mind and makes it a resource for class power… Education is organized as a prestige market, in which a few scarce qualifications provide entree to the highest paid work, and everything else arranges itself in a pyramid of prestige and price below" (Montana). There are situations when the resources used on the internet for

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