Why Is Homeschooling: Good Or Bad?

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Social media is one of the highest rising trends in today’s time. People can interact with one another from around the world without ever having to come face to face. Seems very useful, does it not? While social media does have its advantages, it also has a surplus of disadvantages. At an early age, children are exposed and given access to technology. Due to a rising number of kidnapping crimes in the US, kids are given cell phones at a very young age, which is understandable. However, parents are not just handing their kids a device to solely keep in contact with them; they are purchasing brand new iPhones with Internet capability. Studies show that 22 percent of children six to nine years old along with 60% of ten to fourteen year olds own …show more content…
Although they both have good arguments, it seems that homeschooling does more harm than good. Studies from CRHE reported that homeschooled students claimed to have fewer friends and actually have a lower amount of social interaction with other people (Homeschooling). Other homeschooled students have even reported social isolation, anxiety and loneliness (Homeschooling). This more than likely stems from their lack of social interaction within a public school, and their confinement within their own home. Kids that attend public school are required to attend class early in the morning every weekday. This not only prepares them for the real world and holding down a job, but also teaches them responsibility. Public school also encourages kids to come to class because kids look forward to seeing their friends everyday. This is a motivation that most homeschooled kids do not get to experience. Therefor, homeschool becomes boring and the student becomes inattentive, and begins to feel lonely, depressed, and isolated from the social

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